How to Buy TIME: Wonderland Money

Down down down the rabbit hole we go, where it stops, no one knows…Come close, little Alice, and let me tell you how you can buy some time in life.

This article describes one of my new favorite projects,, and how to buy into this decentralized reserve currency.

TL;DR Version

  • It’s created by one of the most reputable teams in DeFi
  • TIME is a decentralized currency system meant to move us off centralized fiat like the US dollar or Euro
  • Investing in TIME now can mean BIG gains short-term and long-term
  • TIME is backed by crypto assets and trades at a premium because people want into the protocol

TIME is only purchased on Avalanche

  1. You’ll need a wallet like MetaMask.
  2. The wallet will need to connect to the Avalanche network. A really easy way to add Avalanche is to connect your wallet to Trader Joe and then switch networks.
  3. You’ll need some funds on Avalanche to buy Time with: several Central Exchanges offer direct deposits to Avalanche (Binance, Kucoin, Okcoin to name a few). You can also buy directly on Pangolin’s site. Or you can bridge from many networks to Avalanche using Anyswap. You’ll need Avax on the Avalanche network to make transactions and can also use that to purchase TIME.
  4. After the above, you can connect to Trader Joe to buy TIME directly off the market with your assets, or Mint TIME using the guide below.

What is Wonderland Money?

What’s a decentralized reserve currency?

Reserve: TIME is backed by a treasury of other crypocollaterals (currently the LPs for TIME-MIM, TIME-AVAX, MIM, and AVAX). This treasury balance gives TIME an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below (there’s always money in the banana stand).

Currency: TIME can be used as a currency because it has an inherent value behind it (a proportion of the treasury balance). The eventual goal of Wonderland is to find a price flatness for TIME so that it can be used for trade, and replace the use of fiat currency like USD, EUR, etc. This will allow TIME to be used as a global unit of account in economic settings and the medium-of-exchange for various markets.

How does Wonderland Money work?

Rebasing: think of this as the protocol constantly making sure that you own the right proportion of the treasury balancer. TIME stakers have their stake rebased every 8 hours and receive rewards of more TIME for doing so. These rewards are the proceeds from minting TIME and vary based on the number of TIME staked and the reward rate set by Wonderland.

You will accrue value as you leave your TIME staked, at the reward rate APY. Currently, that APY is an amazing 42.621% to encourage the use of the protocol and will change over time based on the monetary policy. TIME is all about long-term staking: the price of time isn’t as important as the APY. As long as the APY returns are good a dip in price can still mean wealth accrual.

Why should you buy TIME?

Eventually, the price for TIME on the market will settle and be a relatively stable value as the market decides on what TIME is worth.

Wealth accrual

The possible upside

Worst-case scenarios?

You can check out the staking calculator here to see the numbers. Try entering a couple of different scenarios and you’ll see what I mean!

How to buy Time

Buying TIME off the market

See the TIME token address here.

Buying TIME using MIM

To buy any token off of Trader Joe you’ll need an asset to trade, your wallet connected to Trader Joe, and to approve any spending on your token. You can then make the trade as you’d like.

After purchasing TIME make sure to stake it! I’ll detail more on that and how to do so after talking about minting.

Minting TIME

Wonderland Money also allows you to mint TIME at a discount compared to buying off the market. You can mint TIME by providing the Wonderland treasury AVAX or MIM. You can also mint by providing liquidity pool tokens for TIME-MIM or TIME-AVAX.

Minting: sell your assets to buy a bond of TIME from the protocol. This bond then vests and gives you TIME to claim over a 5-day period. With a 5-day term, after 2 days into the term 40% of the rewards for TIME can be claimed and staked.

ROI for Minting

Minting TIME: watch the ROI

In the above screenshot I’ve highlighted the ROI section. It’s important when minting to consider the ROI.

  • ROI on minting higher than ROI (5-day rate) staking: MINT time for the best ROI.
  • ROI (5-day rate) staking is higher than any of the minting options: buy TIME off the market and stake it for best ROI.
ROI for Staking

How to Mint Time

Mint using your wAVAX or MIM:

If you want to mint TIME using wAVAX or MIM you’ll need some in your wallet. Then connect your wallet to the app here.

Click on the asset you’d like to sell to the treasury for TIME. You can see there the price you are buying at, the ROI for each, and how much has been purchased previously.

Note: at this ROI it is better to buy and then stake TIME

You’ll need to 1. approve the spending of your asset in your wallet, 2. enter how much you’d like to purchase, 3. press mint and confirm the action in your wallet.

Note: Once you’ve minted TIME it will vest over a 5-day period throughout which you can redeem and stake the rewards to start earning the rebase reward APY on those. Make sure to do this at the end of the vesting period, or ideally, before each 8-hour rebase (see the staking page for hours/minutes until the next rebase).

Click/tap this bad boy often!

Unstaked TIME that you claim or buy off the market does not receive ANY rebase rewards. Make sure to stake it for all the rewards.

Mint using your Trader Joe LPs of TIME-AVAX or TIME-MIM:

Not only can you mint with AVAX or MIM but the treasury will also purchase your liquidity pool tokens of TIME-AVAX and TIME-MIM from you. You will need to purchase some TIME and the right asset and then pool them at Trader Joe. (You can also use the zap function at Trader Joe to add them.)

Buying some time with AVAX

After you have both TIME and AVAX or TIME and MIM in the right proportion you can find the pool you want at by searching for TIME.

Find the Time pool you want at

You can then open the pool and add your TIME and the right asset.

Adding assets to the pool

Once you’ve pooled the assets at Trader Joe you will receive JLP tokens in your wallet which the Wonderland app can use for minting. You’ll need to approve the spending of your LP on the minting page, then enter the amount you want to mint using and approve the transaction.

Get minting!

Just like minting with MIM or AVAX you will need to redeem and stake the TIME to receive rebasing rewards.

How to stake Time for Memo(ries)

Stake Time

Stake it, baby.

You’ll see on the staking page a couple of things:

  • The balance of TIME in your wallet
  • Your staked balance inMEMO
  • How much MEMO you’ll receive in the next epoch
  • Your reward yield percentage for the next epoch
  • The ROI for staking over 5 days

What are MEMO(ries)?

You can see the MEMO token address here.

Rebase Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. The Wonderland team has forked Ohm, but are making it into a unique product from the Olympus DAO’s Ohm protocol. The team is adding RPG and NFT elements, and incorporating TIME into the wider ecosystem for Abracadabra and Popsicle Finance.

How is that APY sustainable?

The APY for Wonderland is based off a strict monetary policy meant to ensure the sustainability of the protocol and will adjust over time. Right now the team has a runway over a year for the APY to to back TIME. As more users mint that runway will maintain or increase.

Can I use my TIME as collateral?

Absolutely! Head over to to start borrowing MIM against your TIME as wrapped MEMO!

Why should I keep staking?

When you stake TIME you’re joining a much larger community of people that believe in a project. You’re giving a big F U to traditional finance and saying there is something bigger out there then a centralized monetary system. The people get to decide what something is worth!

Oh, and you’re also making a great choice for your future self: when you stake you bring the availability of TIME down and ensure the price of TIME stays high and stable. Buying and staking TIME leads to gains for you and all!

How does the treasury make money?

  • When TIME is minted the assets are added to the treasury
  • Fees from trades made using the treasury owned LPs

What are the risks of investing in Wonderland?

First off, always do your own research and only invest what you can lose.

That said, Wonderland has some unique risks: if everyone decides to sell their stake causing a bank run the price of TIME could diminish dramatically and may lead to loss of funds if you withdraw and panic sell. Don’t do that. All that said, this is a major black swan event and would only occur if EVERYONE sold and that ain’t gonna happen.

As with any DeFi protocol there is the possibility of an exploit but since this is an OHM fork that is very unlikely. The team involved is incredibly unlikely to rug since they have multiple other successful projects in DeFi.

What can I do to contribute to Wonderland?

  • Educate others about DeFi and crypto
  • Create and share articles, videos, or memes about Wonderland
  • Buy and stake TIME, or mint it
  • Get involved in the Wonderland community over at Discord or on Telegram

Wonderland Money is a decentralized reserve currency protocol on Avalanche.

I swear to God if you tell me to “Slurp up that dipperino!” one more time…